Our mission is to create real transformation from your learning effort. That's all.

Professional training has been with us for decades. We've all been busy delivering and attending professional development sessions, often one and half-day events.

This has looked fabulous on paper. "Look how much time and money we have spend on training!". But how much of that effort and resourcing has translated into impactful change - new or improved behaviours, skills or actions?

It seems only a minority of the concepts and content and resulting action from learning make it back into the workplace. If it does penetrate back, then the transformation transition is very slow. At best, our ways of training are slow and inefficient. At worst, they are a waste of time, money and effort.

Our mission is to change this. Using social and educational neuroscience, experiential learning design and innovative delivery, we seek to get transformational bang for buck.

40 years of educational experience and leadership

has given Andrew Mowat, founder and principal partner, a keen eye and brain for learning design and delivery

Use Neuroscience

Learning lives in the brain, so why not know more about what learning looks like in the brain?

Learning is Experience

Actually, learning is both experience itself, and making meaning from experience. So why not create learning engagements that are framed by experience and generation?

Delivery Needs Fixing

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Learning Design

Central to transformation success is learning design itself. Our brain is massively complex, yet individually unique. Learning engagement with content and concepts needs to meet this challenge with similar complexity and uniqueness.

Attention, the foundational currency of learning needs to be harnessed and managed. Ideas need to be presented using a variety of mechanisms - stories, models, metaphors, studies to name a few. And the opportunity to be aware of the experience, and then to make meaning of the experience has to be present.

The days of trainers simply reading text-heavy presentation slides have passed, though some still do this.
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