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Young Entrepreneur Business Camp

From Business Idea to Launch in Just 5 Days!

Cohort 1: June 5-9 2023

A unique 5 day summer program for the young entrepreneur, mixing online collaboration and offline challenges, learning the skills to launch a real business!

Delivered by experienced and qualified facilitators, we start each day online and set fun activities to keep your kids engaged all week. 
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Learn The Steps To Entrepreneurship

Learn the basic tools used by successful entrepreneurs
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Alicia's Story

Three Sisters Boxes
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The Inspiration Behind Kebloom

Allan describes the big why of Kebloom
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Benjamin's Story

Kid CEO Media and Young Chat Podcast
Kebloom Features

Our Innovative Platform

Kebloom is a standalone foundational program to support the ongoing business development of our young people. Available both as a web platform and a mobile app, Kebloom is both comprehensive and easily accessible!
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Web-based Platform

Access via any web browser.
Check it out at
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Mobile App Access

Access via iOS and Android devices.

Other Cohorts & Dates Available:

Access our other date-based cohorts and payment here:
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Cohort 2

June 12-16 2023
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Cohort 3

June 19-23 2023
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Cohort 4

June 26-30 2023
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Cohort 5

July 3-7 2023

What's included?

  • 5 online live workshops
    (each 2 hours)
  • Certificate
  • 12 month membership access to the Kebloom Platform (Launch Box & Shop)!
  • Numerous, easy to follow step-by-step guides
  • Collaboration and team work with other participants

The Problem

Recent times have shown us that our children need more than just textbook knowledge to excel in life. The life skills essential for a successful career are often neglected in our current school curriculum.

Leadership qualities, financial understanding, and entrepreneurial spirit aren't taught as they should be. This gap has consequences: almost half of our teenagers don't see the value in their education because it doesn't address financial awareness, innovative thinking, or entrepreneurial skills.

Enrollyour child in our holiday course for student entrepreneurship, and let's prepare them for a promising future together.

Our Unique Solution

Kebloom is a web and mobile-based Social and EdTech platform. designed to establish business building skills at an early age.

Our course is ingeniously packaged into engaging, game-inspired modules. These bite-sized interactive lessons build upon one another to instil critical skills in leadership, financial literacy, and entrepreneurial readiness in your child. The learning experience is amplified through dynamic video content, interactive activities, quick quizzes, and practical daily tasks.

But we don't stop at just providing content - we grow and evolve with your child. Consider us their personal cheerleader, always there to motivate, support, and encourage them on their entrepreneurial journey. With our course, learning becomes an exciting adventure, not just a task.

5 Day Program Outline

Our Kidpreneurs are supported each day with a guided experience online in the Kebloom Platform, and here with daily 2 hour live sessions. This is a complete program with guided development and activities designed to both foster creativity and build foundations of business practice. 

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Frequently asked questions

How does this all work?

This program comprises two key elements.
1. This course delivery platform, where all the live sessions are securely held (only course participants can access the Zoom sessions).
2. Access to the structured support program, process and resources on Kebloom.Com
3. The Kebloom platform will also be integrated and demonstrated in the live Zoom sessions.

Is a refund available?

We will fully refund the course fee if you inform us up to 24 hours before the start date advertised.

Are the facilitators qualified to work with children?

All of our mentors and facilitators have been certified background checked for Safeguarding and Child Protection.
Meet the program facilitator

Allan Lalic

Allan is the co-founder of Kebloom. He is unwavering in his belief and support of young people dreaming big.

He co-founded Kebloom as a gateway to catalyze opportunities for young people to become successful entrepreneurs and build a stronger future. He has facilitated numerous Kebloom workshopsresulting in boosted confidence, business launches and multiple entrepreneurial success stories.Prior to starting Kebloom,

Allan spent 20+ years in the finance and software industry across a range of diverse organizations. His experience spans small businesses and startups as well as large corporations and private sector banking organizations.Allan, an entrepreneur himself, has also launched andmanaged his own financial planning business as a qualified financial planner.

Drawing on many years of experience in software and in the finance industry, together with his passion for progressing possibilities for young people, Allan’s background and skill set provides an ideal foundation for Kebloom’s vision and success. 
Patrick Jones - Course author
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